What does this community mean to you?

What makes a community? What consrtucts it, holds it together, keeps the joints oiled and the wheels rolling? The sum is always greater than its parts. In this case, the Jerusalem English Theater Community is made up of people, people who love theater in all of its forms. There are auditions, rehearsals, shows, tickets, cast parties, and… Continue reading What does this community mean to you?

Guest post

The Fallen Staff – Concerning Falstaff

A guest blog by Mordechai Blau, a local actor playing several parts Theater in the Rough's upcoming production of Henry IV: in motion. Sir John Falstaff is not a good person. He’s a coward, a thief, and a drunkard. A selfish egotist, hiding behind a veneer of clever humor.   So why do we like him… Continue reading The Fallen Staff – Concerning Falstaff