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A New Speech and Drama Chug for ages 8 – 16 in English 

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Ask Abigail Productions Call for Submissions 

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AskAbigail Productions has just launched a call for submissions from actors and performers and theater companies. We are inviting artists to submit works for a new musical theatre production about Jewish religion, culture and music, focusing specifically on the life of Moshe Krauss. Submission deadline is 26 August, 2019. Attached you will find a detailed call for submission, along with deadlines and prizes. Should you have any questions, please fee free to contact AskAbigail Productions. 

These scenes would form part of a documentary film about the larger story of Jewish faith before during and after the Shoah.

Moishele’s life is emblematic of that story. 

Wanted: Sales and Public Relations  Coordinator for Beit Hillel Theater Workshop

October 1- December 30

  • 3 hours daily – 3 days a week in October
  • 3 hours daily – 4 days a week in November and December
  • All performance dates and times in December
  • Mid-morning to mid-afternoon hours preferred
  • Excellent Computer Skills
  • Highly Organized  
  • Graphics designer – Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Excellent Communicative Skills
  • Minimal knowledge of Hebrew


Michael Berl, Director, Beit Hillel Theater Workshop

Israel Musicals is looking for someone to take on the Assistant Producer internship. Position of responsibility and creativity in a high public profile industry – Musical Theatre.

Responsibilities: involvement in planning and execution of all aspects of producing
Working together 3-4 days a week, 7 hrs a day.

Fast mover
Good communication skills
Knows how to find answers independently
*You do not need to be a musical theater performer or aficionado. All backgrounds welcome.

Time frame: September – January, two month stints minimum


Theatre Zion is looking for English-speaking actors for a dramatic reading of a new play, THE TRIAL OF UNCLE CHARLIE by Yehudit Shier Weisberg. The play is scheduled for production at the Khan Theatre in January 2020.

The reading will take place on September 24 at 7:30pm.

Character breakdown:

GAL-ED – male, 25, Israeli-born

RIVA – female, 24, British born, Gal-Ed’s wife

YEHUDA – male, 52, Israeli-born, Gal-Ed’s father

AHUVA – female, 48, Israeli-born

UNCLE CHARLIE – male 54, British born

Yehuda, a 52-year-old Israeli, is trying to banish his nightmares. Memories of the battles against the British while trying to help smuggle Holocaust survivors into pre-State Israel, and the murder of his friend by a British soldier on the ship, the Exodus, ruined his marriage and his relationship with his son. Now that his relationship with his son is finally improving, how will he act when his past unexpectedly confronts him?

Please contact me at theatrezion@gmail.com  to be a part of this exciting reading.