How do you want to be involved in our community?

Want to work backstage, be a stage manager, are a musician, community organizer, actor, or playwright? So many different ways to be involved in our Theater community. Please contact us or any of the theater companies for more information about how you can be a part of the community today.

Want to improve your craft? Discover more about the theater community and what goes on behind the scenes? See below

Do you have a dream role?
How would you prepare for an audition?
Have you ever walked out of an audition wondering how you did but received no feedback?
Do you miss performing and Musical Theater?

Do you miss preparing for Auditions? Join J-town Playhouse in this unique opportunity to prepare an audition for your dream role, to be adjudicated by a panel of seasoned directors! The evening will be limited to 15 Auditioners who will prepare an audition and participate in the workshop. You will receive support, feedback and insight into your audition in a fun and encouraging way. The event will be LiveStreamed on December 20th @ 8pm. Sign up here at: jerusalemcabaret@gmail.com

Maayan Allen; an incredible choreographer who has worked with several theater companies including WIT and J-Town Playhouse.

Paul Salter; the well known and respected Musical Director for Encore! as well as conductor and pianist extraordinaire.

Aviella Trapido; long time performer, director with several theater companies and producer of J-Town Playhouse.

Eli Kaplan-Wildmann; stage designer, director of Starcatcher fame and many other theater companies.