Due to Coronavirus – 19 we will be posting ways to see, read, or think about theater online during the social distancing era. We still encourage you to call friends, Facetime, Skype, Zoom, and create with your neighbors.

JET Live!

April 13 – Yisrael Lutnick (Israel Musicals), April 20 – Bakol Ruben Gellar (In A Stranger’s Grave, Off the Derech Dolorosa), April 21 – Rivka Deray (Hanna Senesh, Irena’s Vow, Rewrite the World, Vilna), Aryeh and Yehudit Weisberg, founders of Theatre Zion, April 26th – Miguel Braganza, an actor and choreographer who performed in Miss Saigon for 14 years and visited Jerusalem this January, April 27th – Natan Skop, co-founder of Theater in the Rough and JET Community coordinator, April 30th with Starcatcher‘s Jeff Rosenchein, Yaeli Greenblatt, and Eli Kaplan-Wildmann and Sara Deray (Lighting, sound, and backstage of Rewrite The World, Hanna Senesh, and Cinderella), May 3rd with Elianna Rosenschein (Starcatcher stage manager) and Abbey Ellis (Assassin’s stage manager, props Starcatcher, Measure for Measure, Steel Magnolias) , May 4th with Robert Binder (Encore) and with Marty Weisel(JET Venues), May 5th with Daniel Lewin and Bracha Lewin Daniel, May 6th with Marni Schamroth and with Aryeh Kaufman and Elinor V Kaufman, May 7th with Hanan Leberman and with Gadi Zaig, May 10 with Fox Family and with Shlomit Kovalski, May 11th with Luna Griño-Inocian (playwight, lyricist) from Manila, Philippines and with Sam Gordon (lighting designer) from NYC, May 12 with Michael Berl, May 13 with Dale David Boccaccio Honor, May 14 with Gaby Shine, May 17 with Rachel Dean (Pianist for Hamilton and Moulin Rouge: Broadway, Medusa), May 18 with Motti Metzinger, May 19 with David Gellman, May 20 with Barak Bard (Ben Bard Players), May 21 with Jenn Fleischer and Aliza Schoffman-Land, and Aviella Trapido (J-Town Playhouse), May 24 with Maayan Allen and the Next To Normal cast of Jerusalem, May 25th with Josh Jay from the Maccabeats, May 26 with Aviella Trapido, May 27 with Miriam Metzinger, May 31 with Yael Silver, and June 2nd with Bryan Friedland

We’ve moved all the videos onto our website if you have missed any of the interviews.

Check it out here!


The Performance Archive for English Language Theater in Israel

We’ve started a community performance archive for English language theater in Israel! Read more and contribute

After writing the post Theater vs. COVID – 19 My Theatrical Predictions about what theater may look like in the future this happened. Let the streaming begin!


If you haven’t seen the new Apple family play that takes place entirely on Zoom produced by the Public Theater, well what are you waiting for? This is what theater may look like for some time. But if you just want to see other recorded theater onstage then go to THIRTEEN (link above) and you can see some plays including, until May 5th, the earlier plays of the Apple family and the Gabriel family.


Andrew Loyd Webber is sharing his musicals for all on Youtube.


John Krasinski started a special Youtube Channel news channel. He’s calling it Some Good News. It is heartwarming, funny, and filled with what is good in the world.


A great website listing different theatrical performances that you can watch free online

Ken Davenport Live with Broadway personalities

Metropalitan opera

Watch the Met Opera

Khan Theatre

The Khan Theatre is showing their repertoire online. Its in Hebrew but still worthwhile. Sets and staging are wonderful.


You can see Broadway and West End shows. Classics and some newbies on BroadwayHD.com. They are offering a free 7 day trial. Some part of me hopes they extend their free trial along with some other streaming services that I anticipate may do the same.

Stars in The House

Broadway is coming to you from the Broadway Stars houses. Get to know them, hear them sing, and have a good time.

Marie’s Crisis Virtual Piano Bar

Check out this Facebook Group of Marie’s Crisis. A piano bar in NYC that has opened its virtual doors nightly for people to sing a long to showtunes

Adulting With Jane

Adulting with Jane is a new comedy web series and they have tons of content online. They created this wonderful schedule of virtual events here.

From Our Own JET Community


Encore! has a whole video archive of snippets from performances and probably a handful of full performances as well.

J-Town Playhouse

J-Town Playhouse may have closed its doors right before all this came upon us but you can still see their wonderful plays and musicals online as well.

Starcatcher Productions

Starcatcher had to unfortunately cut short their production of Chicago but you can see their past productions here on Youtube.

Theater in the Rough, IL

Theater in The Rough has there shows that took place in the park on Youtube.

CBDB Productions

CBDB Productions pivoted to virtual theater during COVID – 19 and some of the productions that have been done are up on its Youtube channel.

Virtual Readings Happening:

If we missed anything let us know. There are 100s of ideas and options out there and we would love to hear from all of you at jerusalemenglishtheater@gmail.com