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Our Community: Alumni Edition #2: Yossi Caldaron

Yossi Caldaron in Rent by Starcatcher The JET Community‚Äôs C.B. Davies spoke with alumni Yossi Caldaron in the spring about his experience with the Jerusalem English Theater Community. How did you find the English theater community in Jerusalem? So I was actually an unemployed oleh chadash, and looking to find something that had meaning to… Continue reading Our Community: Alumni Edition #2: Yossi Caldaron

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The Audition Process

For those wishing to be cast in a show, there is usually an audition process. Encore (Pirates of Penzance), and J-Town Playhouse (Irena's Vow, The Tempest) are both theater companies that have recently announced auditions. Most of the companies in our community hold open auditions. However, each audition process is as unique as the companies… Continue reading The Audition Process