What does this community mean to you?

What makes a community? What consrtucts it, holds it together, keeps the joints oiled and the wheels rolling? The sum is always greater than its parts. In this case, the Jerusalem English Theater Community is made up of people, people who love theater in all of its forms. There are auditions, rehearsals, shows, tickets, cast parties, and… Continue reading What does this community mean to you?

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Set Designers in Our Community

In 2019 JET Community’s Rivka Deray sat down with three of Jerusalem community theater’s finest set designers, namely Dooby Harvey, Roxanne Goodkin-Levy and Eli Kaplan Wildmann to discuss their artform and the theater community in Jerusalem. We were able to finish putting this together during this time and here it is. Enjoy! What drove you… Continue reading Set Designers in Our Community