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The Fallen Staff – Concerning Falstaff

A guest blog by Mordechai Blau, a local actor playing several parts Theater in the Rough's upcoming production of Henry IV: in motion. Sir John Falstaff is not a good person. He’s a coward, a thief, and a drunkard. A selfish egotist, hiding behind a veneer of clever humor.   So why do we like him… Continue reading The Fallen Staff – Concerning Falstaff

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Should I bring my kids to see Shakespeare?

By Natan Skop, producer and actor for Theater in the Rough Photo: Edward Beili Should I bring my kids to Measure for Measure? Actually, I get that question every year, whatever play we’re doing! And I appreciate it when people ask. When we took on Measure for Measure this year, we knew the show had… Continue reading Should I bring my kids to see Shakespeare?