What does this community mean to you?

What makes a community? What consrtucts it, holds it together, keeps the joints oiled and the wheels rolling?

The sum is always greater than its parts. In this case, the Jerusalem English Theater Community is made up of people, people who love theater in all of its forms. There are auditions, rehearsals, shows, tickets, cast parties, and hundreds of other points in between that make up what we all do, not to mention the social gatherings, late nights at rehearsal, meals together, creative ideas, learning, mentoring, laughter, sweat, tears…

For a while now, Charles B Davies and I have been dreaming. How to help everyone do what they do better? How to make things works more effeciently? Make deeper connections? Help theater companies have more impact? Reach more audience? Share resources? Save money?

And because we’re a community, we can’t do this without all of you. The community is what brings us together, so it only makes sense that the community sets its own goals that we can (hopefully) put into practice.

So help us take the next step for the Jerusalem English speaking Theater Community by filling out this amazing survey (with much thanks to Lauri Donahue, as well as to our superb interns Nechama Morgenstern and Paula Ungar)! This will help us get a better idea of the wants, needs, and goals of the community so that we can plan to develop infrastructure, projects, and resources that will benefit all community members.

It takes less than 5 minutes (really) and it can really make a difference.

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