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Theater vs. COVID – 19 #5 Life is different, Going Virtual, and World Theater Day

New restrictions

As restrictions get tighter and some are in full quarantine there are many virtual new opportunities opening up in our lives. It is not clear when this will end. Some of us have lost work and some are working even harder. But we’re finding new ways to connect. New ways to live. We can only hope for this to end well and soon. 

Toll on life

Life is changing as we know it. And it can take its toll on us in many ways that we never expected. It is okay to take a moment to breath and realize that life is not the same. It is okay to cry. It is okay to think about how things were and how they are now. Will life go back to how it was before? Will we be stronger for it? Only time will tell. But today is World Theater Day and these are just some things happening in the world and in our own theatrical community. I hope that we can at least see these things and know that we are strong and we are together.

What artists are doing

Ken Davenport has been an inspiration for me. I recently joined his TheaterMakers Studio. He has started something that I think is brilliant. Everyone is home including artists. So he is speaking with them while they are in their homes and we are getting to see what they are up to. Try to get some inspiration from them and hear stories that we probably wouldn’t hear if this were not happening. You can even ask questions in the comments and they may get answered. Such a cool project right now. And he is doing this EVERY night at 8pm EDT. You can also see the videos after they went live in case you missed it right here.

Ken Davenport with Stephen Schwartz. The home phone rang during the conversation. Such a fun moment!

More vulnerable yet more connected

Any actor will probably tell you that being vulnerable on stage and open to the audience and your scene partners is one of the most powerful things you could do. Well now that we are in the COVID – 19 era many artists are even more vulnerable than ever. Jobs are gone, gigs can’t happen, and they’re stuck at home away from their audience. Or are they? Now that we can connect through different ways we can be closer to each other, more vulnerable, and great conversation and possibly greater collaboration can ensue. Just ask my friend Dale Boccaccio Honor. He was able to have a whole conversation with Alan Cummings himself. Not to mention Lin Manuel Miranda joined a twitter conversation with Israeli journalists.

Now’s the time to reach out to celebrities and fellow artists because we’re all in this together. All stuck at home. All need each other. 

What our community is doing

Our community is doing some amazing things from Shakespeare readings (TITR,JPT), book readings (Rivka Deray and growing), Storytelling (Annabelle Landgarten), Zoom Hangouts, Zoom rehearsals (Ben Bard Players, CBDB Productions, Israel Musicals), and more. We’ll keep each other entertained, strong, and together.

For when the dust settles we will know that…

ART is essential

Jennifer Smolos,  The Dean of School of Visual & Performing Arts and the Director of Summer Programs at American Academy of Dramatic Arts who I took a three week musical theater course with and was my voice teacher for some time shared one of the best quotes I have seen in the past few weeks.. Remember We are Essential and we will be there stronger than ever.

And from the words of Ken Davenport

#Staysafestayhealthystayhome #worldtheatreday

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