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Theater vs. COVID-19 #3

After my previous post Bakol Geller, a fabulous actress in our community shared with me this video of a neighborhood in Israel singing Od Tireh.

Mel Brooks and Max Brooks

The great Mel Brooks of comedy and film does it again with his son. Very clear instructions and done in a fun way. Love Mel Brooks’ smile.

Acting is doing

Right now we are having different experiences in the Modern Era than we have had before but there are so many ways to still connect. We just need to do it. Acting is all about doing. We do action on stage. Right now the biggest stage is the entire world and we are all actors in it. Let’s continue to create together and I am sure we will find new ways to create and certain mediums will become much more prominent. Live Streaming, Movie parties online, etc. And maybe we will do some actions that we have never done before because now we have that time to finally say Yes and.

Khan Theatre and streaming

Some theaters in Israel are offering their shows via streaming. The Khan Theatre is one of those theaters and You can see Napolean, Alive or Dead (In Hebrew) via their Youtube channel today.

Learning is key

People in the theater business are always learning. Whether it be a new dance number for a show, a new song, a new accent, or just some new lines. We can take this time to learn things that we didn’t have time for or couldn’t afford to. One of the great inspirations for this blogging and this website was Ken Davenport, a producer of Broadway and the founder of He has created something called The TheaterMakers Studio and just let people know that you can sign up for free for the next 30 days. 

Ken wrote on his blog yesterday “I’d like to offer you the chance to join The TheaterMakers Studio for FREE for the next 30 days with code ‘FREE30’!”

This is one way to continue learning. There are plenty of Masterclasses online as well as Youtube tutorials. Videos to watch. Just check out Starkid Productions, as another community member, Sivan Raz, pointed out. Everyone is throwing ideas left and right on Facebook. It’s amazing how resourceful the online world can be. So pick up something you didn’t have the time for before and get started learning something new.

The Jerusalem English Theater Green Room

Or you can join The Jerusalem English Theater Green Room, which was launched this past September for people involved in the JET productions to have a conversation on Facebook. People are sharing all sorts of ways to view Theater virtually and keeping other’s spirits up.

What are you doing today?

So what did you do today? Do you have another idea? Want to write some of your own ideas here? Get in touch with

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