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Tu B’Av Special: Dinner and a Show: How to plan a perfect date night in Jerusalem by Shira Potter

Planning a great date can be a challenge, especially if you are looking for unique English entertainment in Jerusalem. Not to fear, the local English theatres are here to help.

Choosing a Show: Musical or Play? Drama or Comedy?

 Choosing a show can be confusing if you don’t know what you enjoy or what the plays are about. Don’t hesitate to look up the plot on Wikipedia or any other theater information page. No one will know and it can help you decide if you want to buy tickets. Check for any (adult) content that might not appeal to you or your companion.

The most important thing is to buy tickets in advance. The content of the show and the restaurant is irrelevant if your date can’t make it. Great seats don’t always cost more than the ones in the back rows or behind pillars, you just have to reserve them earlier. Some theatres don’t have assigned seats and all you have to do is get there earlier than everyone else, it’s always wise to check.

Take a look at the JET calendar to see what’s playing!

The “Dinner” Part

 Remember to check what time the show starts, if you go to a restaurant beforehand it is important to have time to finish your meal and arrive at the theatre with time to spare. Eating close to the theatre is best, that way you don’t need to move the car or stress about finding last minute parking.

Look up the location of a theatre on the JET listings of local productions.

Ask around for suggestions of restaurants in the area or search online. In case of emergency, ask the ticket office or someone involved with the production where to eat, they will know. Actors eat too.

Going out after a show can be great as well, hit up a local bar, restaurant or just wander the quiet enchanting streets of Jerusalem. If you plan on going out late to eat, make sure the place stays open in time for you to arrive before they close the kitchen. One bad way to end a date is to spend the whole night talking about a great place and then find it’s closed.

I know this sounds like a lot of work but if you took the time to read this whole article you probably have enough time. Click those links and take three minutes to text and check if someone you care about can make it. Someone just might want to join you on an evening journey to explore something new.

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