Why Community Theater?

What is Community Theater?

Community theater is for aspiring actors who want to develop their craft but may not get the chance to do so on the big screen or major professional theater venues. It is for directors and playwrights who want to realize their vision on stage without having to sacrifice their day jobs.  Community theater is for people who love to act, direct, design, write, sing, dance and participate and still are devoted to their careers and families. Community theater gives these artists a healthy art and life balance. It can be a springboard for a professional career, but those who remain in community theater are fulfilled and active even if they don’t end up on a cover of a magazine or on a theater company’s payroll.

Community theater, as the name implies, is also for the community. It is for audiences who want to see the kinds of shows they would usually have to venture far and wide to enjoy.  Audiences can attend local performances and see classics, new plays and musicals performed by people they know and new faces. Community theater also allows audience members to take a chance and check out a show they might not ordinarily see and treasure the experience.

We bring families together on the stage. We help create friendships that extend beyond the world of the plays. We give audiences experiences they can share together in real time. We educate, we encourage, and we enjoy our time together.

Let’s celebrate the theater community in Jerusalem. It is one of a kind.

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